5 Best WordPress Themes for Blogging Success

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WordPress Themes that can help you succeed in Blogging

 To choose a best theme for your WordPress blog needs some proper research. You should know the performance, security features, pricing among other factors before putting it on your WordPress blog.

Here I am dealing with these issues of WordPress themes to make life easier for you. So let’s get started and see the 5 Best WordPress Themes for Blogging.


Best WordPress Themes for Blogging


1.  Astra

Astra WordPress theme for blogger

Astra is a very popular theme worldwide among wordpress site creators. 

It is a theme with many functionality which can create a professional looking website for you. It has a huge library of pre built website templates.

Astra WordPress theme for blogger

These templates are very performance oriented and designed for working seamlessly with page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, etc.

The inbuilt code of Astra website templates are designed to run smoothly. Which means that your blog or website will have fast loading time.

 Astra Features

Advanced website building features — In Astra, there is no need for a page builder to create advanced menus, sticky headers, custom sidebars, and many more. These features are pre built into the Astra theme to kickstart your WordPress design and development efforts from the start.

Control over color and typography —  Astra themes allows you to change the colors of headers, footers, content and sidebars without needing a page builder. ALl of this can be done from the Astra WordPress theme customizer which beginners are familiar with.   

Pro layouts — Build your web pages exactly how you like them to be seen with layouts like padded, boxed, fluid, and full width. These layouts can emphasize the website elements you want your audience to see, be it your content, sidebar, or menus.

Pro WooCommerce features — Astra allows you to build unique WooCommerce stores with sales bubbles, off-canvas sidebars, dropdown carts, infinite scrolling, and much more. Smartly incorporating these features into your virtual storefront will surely enhance your customers’ experience and increase sales.

Astra Pricing

It has a free version which you can use with limited features. For premium, the entry-level plan starts at $47 yearly or $249 for lifetime access

Click here to visit the Home Page of Astr

2. GeneratePress

GeneratePress WordPress theme for blogger

GeneratePress usp is of being a “lightweight WordPress theme.” This theme is designed to be fast, secure with a good performance into any site it is built. Due to its feature of fast and lightweight theme its favourite among those who want to build an online store. 

All of GeneratePress’s site templates are built to be simple and minimalistic. As a result, they all work buttery smooth and deliver a great experience to users.  

GeneratePress WordPress theme for blogger


GeneratePress Features

Keep your WordPress Site clean — GeneratePress’s features are integrated as “modules,” which you can activate and deactivate individually. That will help you maintain a clean WordPress ecosystem, maximizing both speed and stability.

Performance-focused theme — GeneratePress is built for performance with security, good performance, and SEO in mind. And that is why it gives a user-friendly experience, which improves conversions on your website. 

Built-in section editor — The layout of your GeneratePress pages  can be easily modified without the help of a third-party page builder like Elementor. Lesser the reliance on third-party plugins, more the streamlined and reliable your WordPress website/blog can be. 

Free version — GeneratePress also offers a free version. The free version got all the basic features you need to launch a website. This in turn allows you to test the theme by yourself without investing at the start.

You can get the GeneratePress WordPress theme for $49.95

3. OceanWP

OceanWP WordPress theme for blogger

There are many similarities between OceanWP and Astra due to their similar feature sets. 

OceanWP theme also offers a good number of website templates. With the help of which you can build stunning websites. It has got a flat design.

OceanWP doesn’t have many customization features like Astra but it is coded to give its users a clean, minimalistic and mobile friendly view.

OceanWP Features

  •  SEO-friendly
  • Useful extensions
  • Good page builder support 
  • Built-in eCommerce features

 You can get OceanWP as an annual subscription service at $39 yearly or a $159 one-time purchase.

4. Kadence

Kadence WordPress theme for blogging

Kadence is a WordPress theme that is designed to load fast and rank well in search engines.

It is supported by a community of excellent experienced coders, which means the theme is built on rock solid quality codes.
Its top notch in Design wise and got many customization featured to look top-notch.

Kadence Features

  • Super fast
  • SEO Features are very well
  • Ease of use
  • Many Free Features

Kadence theme is available free too for your test run. And trust me there is no other theme in the market that offers tons of features in a free version.

But Premium has its own advantage with more add-ons and robust security features.

You can purchase Kadence themes for $50/year and $129 for Lifetime. 

5. Divi

Divi WordPress theme for blogging

Divi is a combination of WordPress theme and visual page builder both rolled into one. It’s a highly flexible WordPress theme.

With a built in page builder you don’t have to make a separate purchase for Elementor, Beaver or any other page builder.

Divi allows you to create brilliant, fully customized and attractive websites without needing to write a single line of code. 

With its huge library of pre-designed layouts, it saves much of the precious time while making a website.

Divi theme got everything, be it for online stores, business websites, fashion blogs, education websites, and the list goes on. 

Divi Features

  • Easy and many customization
  • Built-in drag and drop builder 
  • Pre-built website elements

Divi theme can be purchased from Elegant Themes membership, which starts at $70 yearly.

Here I have presented the top 5 WordPress themes in terms of features, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

If you go by my advice then first try the free version by yourself and check which looks good for you and then make the purchase.

Would love to hear any suggestions on this from you guys and if you have any more themes which you have tested feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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