Blogging as a Profession

Blogging as a Profession is Good or Bad ?

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Blogging as a Profession

It is said that not everyone gets the dream job of his choice. Not many get the opportunity of doing what they want or what they enjoy doing.

But what if the job itself is made into as beautiful as a dream. 

Blogging is one such platform where you can do everything you ever wanted and that too at the ease of your Home. 

You just need to have an idea in the mind & passion in the heart & everything is possible here. If you are a complete beginner then you can visit this link about How to Start a Blog.

In this Post I have dealt all the basic points needed to start a blog.

Whether one is a Young man or a professional, all are ready to adopt blogging as a profession today. Because everyone has heard that blogging can make good money. 

Earning money from blogging is easy as well as difficult. Blogging is like a job of eight hours a day. But it is entirely up to you how you manage it? 

You can earn in blogging just by giving 2 hours a day and even after giving 12 hours, you will not get anything. 

So you have to understand some basic things before taking this as a career.

The most important thing in blogging is how effectively you write so that readers come to your blog again and again to read your post. Also it is important how well you are able to market yourself. 

Experienced bloggers state that 50% of article quality and 50% of self marketing works in this field. 

You can learn blogging only through experience. Nobody can teach you.

In this article, we are discussing the points that will help you to take blogging as a career.


Opportunities For Women 

Blogging as a Profession

Blogging as a profession can be a boon for housewives who are always busy with household chores. 

Even after being talented, they are busy in household work and leaves thinking about their career.

But you too can make a career from home and become self-reliant by taking blogging as a profession. 

One professional woman blogger is Miss Malini Agarwal whose lifestyle blog is very successful and got a great fan following

Today there are many women who started from a small blog and became a successful and professional blogger and earning well from it.

For starters, it would be good to write on women related topics like, cooking, beauty tips, etc.

Apart from this, if you have a good catch in subjects like Sewing, Embroidery and music, then you can write on it too.

No one is professional in the beginning but cannot become so without starting. So take your first leap and start at earliest.


Choose The Right Blog Topic

Before starting a blog, choose a topic you know well. About finding the best topic for your blogging i suggest you visit this link where i have discussed in detail about it.

The topic should be such that you have a good grasp on it, so that you can answer the questions of the readers and present new articles continuously to them. 

After you have chosen the topic of the blog, then take full care of the following things –

  • Only publish articles related to your chosen topic on the blog.
  • Regularly publish new articles related to your topic on the blog.
  • Create a social profile of the blog and tell about those interested in the blog.
  • Follow the blogs that write only on the subject on which you are writing.


 Become The Center of Attention

When you start a new blog, register your presence in other blogs, forums and social media groups without hesitation

Keep in mind that you should only talk about your articles & ignore other people’s articles. When you have a sense of support towards others, only then they will get attracted towards you. 

For this, keep the following points in mind:

  • Join other forums and social groups.
  • Write logical comments on blog posts.
  • Befriend people on social sites to gather new readers.
  • Share the content of blogs and sites more popular than yours on social sites.

Write High-Quality Content For Your Blog

The main focus of the blog is articles and the content published in it. It should be simple, clear and of high quality. This freezes you in front of other popular blogs & the readers get impressed. 

Along with this, in order to keep the readers hooked on your blog, pay full attention to the following things –

  • Always teach readers something new.
  • Take full care of the interest of the readers.
  • Keep readers engaged in any activity.

Start With Guest Blogging

While publishing articles on other blogs, pay full attention to the following things –

  • Please provide your blog address in the article.
  • Do not let your article be seen as advertisement.
  • Give your brief introduction at the end of the article.

Making money from your website using advertising

Advertising is considered the simplest means of earning in the blog world. Advertise and make money but it is not as simple as it sounds. 

You won’t get money just from showing ads. The ads should get some clicks for the income to flow.

Also the Clicks should fetch you maximum cost per click.

The income on the blog is directly related to the traffic of the blog. The more readers there are, the more clicks are likely. 

So, have these things clear about advertising.

Take technical information and assistance

Along with blog writing, it is very important to know about the technical side of it, because no one would ever want that hard work done by them to go waste.

That’s why you should be aware about the technical side of a blog. There are thousands of sites and blogs on the internet about the technical information of blogging, 


To adopt blogging as a career, it is essential that you do your marketing effectively and write the best in your chosen topic.

Happy Blogging



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