Blogging Tips for High Traffic

Top 7 Blogging Tips for High Traffic from Google

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7 Blogging Tips for High Traffic from Google

Blogging is very popular nowadays. You can see many youngsters are taking blogging as a popular career choice as they don’t want to do a 9 to 5 job.

Especially after the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) when people are forced inside their house, they started looking for an alternating career which can help make them work from home and also bring a good amount of money.

So If you want to start a blog, or want to know how to start a blog then you can visit my previous article (clicking here) which explained step by step method to start a new blog.

Here we are talking about the 2nd stage of how to bring a good amount of traffic to your blog.

As you know, more the traffic, more the engagement level and more the money coming out of your blog. Which every blogger wants to have. 

So without wasting much time let’s see what are those Blogging tips which can bring you lots of traffic even if you have just started blogging a few weeks back.

So lets start our article for Blogging Tips for High Traffic from Google.

Blogging Tip 1 (Engage audience)

Blogging Tips for High Traffic

First Tip –  Write an engaging article which has a conversational tone that includes You  and I. This You and I is very effective when someone is reading your blog post.

It gives a feeling that you are directly interacting with reader.

Nobody wants to be dictated at this juncture of their career. So when you write a conversational article which includes You and I, it will have a very high retention time on your blog post.

 Blogging Tip 2 (Shorter Paragraph)

Second Tip is, that your paragraph in the blog posts shouldn’t be greater than 5 to 6 lines.

The moment a reader sees a bigger paragraph of more than 6 lines they are most likely to skip that part or even the whole post.

That’s why it is very important for you to write shorter paragraph containing 2 to 3 lines or even you can write a one liner paragraph.

Visitors don’t give much time on a blog post that looks crowded. So better write a clean and neat paragraph having fewer lines which will attract them visually.

Blogging Tip 3 (Subheadings)

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Third tip is to use subheadings. Using subheadings in the post will make the reader easier to skim through your post and look for what they need.

Without subheadings one has to read the whole post to get the Gist which means lesser visitor and lesser engagement time.

Through subheadings people can go to the section they want to read and then can keep scrolling the whole post.

Blogging Tip 4 (Write Conclusion)

4th Tip is to write the conclusion of your blog post.  Write a conclusion every time you write a blog post.

From conclusion people will get to know what your blog is all about .

Many readers first scroll down, read the conclusion, get the essence of it and then proceed for the blog.

Thus writing conclusions in your blog post will definitely help you in getting more visitors and shares.

Blogging Tip 5 (Cite the Facts)

5th Tip: Mention your facts. just please don’t come up with facts and data without mentioning your facts from where you are talking about.

Without mentioning facts, readers are not going to trust you. And in most of the cases they are not coming back to your blog. Which won’t help in getting high traffic from Google.

Blogging Tip 6 (Use Photos)

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6th Tip -Use of photos. As one goes by the popular saying  “A picture says a 1000 words”.

So why not start using it. If you are using pictures or graphics to convey your message then people are going to stick around your blog post which will also in turn will get you more visitors.

Blogging Tip 7 (Actionable content)

7th Tip: Write a thorough and actionable content.

For example if someone reading your article and feels that Yes I can do something after reading this, they will continue reading your content and will keep coming back.

If they don’t get value from your post and not practical they are not going to come back to your post again.


In this post we got to know what are those tips and steps which you can take and implement in your blog so that pure organic High Google traffic comes to your site and  those visitors keeps coming back.

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Also share your thoughts or anymore methods which can bring organic traffic to a post.


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