Google’s Virtual Machine can save Crypto Miners from Cryptojacking

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Saving Crypto Miners from Cryptojacking

To save Crypto miners from hackers, malwares and ransomware attacks, Google Cloud services has come out with a solution which will save miners from what is called Cryptojacking. In the beginning this problem was mostly seen in big crypto mining farms but as the internet grew and more and more people entered in this sector, this problem started to creep in middle class crypto miners also.

What is Cryptojacking

When a hacker hijacks someone’s computer to mine cryptocurrencies against the real owner’s will with the help of some websites and against the will of user of that computer it is called as Cryptojacking.

It simply means hijacking someone else’s computer when he/she is unaware of it and mine cryptocurrencies. It is a type of cybercrime which is prevalent nowadays in the rising field of cryptocurrency mining as more and more users has entered this space of mining cryptocurrency.

Google‘s (VMTD) Virtual Machine

To protect the Crypto miners from these frauds of hackers where they secretly hacks users computer to mine cryptocurrency, the security command centre team of Google cloud services has came up with the solution called as Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VMTD).

As the crypto sector has grown by leaps and bounds and many countries legalizing the cryptocurrency as their alternative legal tender it lured many new entrants to enter the crypto arena. This has garnered attention from notorious hackers who are trying their best of efforts to steal money from some unsuspecting victims who are associated with crypto sectors.

To safeguard these vulnerable cryptominers Google cloud has developed a new revolutionizing solution named as Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VMTD). The tool  VMTD is smart enough to detect those potential crypto mining malware attacks also called as Cryptojacking and provide a shield to it.

The shield will also cover those crypto mining accounts which are poorly configured and that are breached and used by hackers to mine cryptocurrencies.

Google clouds security command centre team are committed to protect those crypto miners who are using Virtual Machines. To execute the process this Virtual Machine (VMTD) allow businesses to run an operating system that behaves like a separate computer in an app window on a PC.

These virtual machines called as VMTD in short will provide agentless memory scanning to detect malwares. These robust security tool by Google cloud will additionally protect users from falling prey to ransomware and data exfiltration attacks.

No running an agent inside of their instance means less performance impact lowered operational burden for agent, deployment and management and exposing less attack surface to potential adverseries, Peacock(Product Manager for Cloud Threat Detection) explained.

It will act as a third layer of safety along with already enabled solutions such as Event Threat Detection and Container Threat Detection for Google Cloud users.

Another product after Intel’s blockchain accelerator to help crypto miners for smooth operation. To read about Intel’s blockchain accelerator dedicated for cryptocurrency you can visit the link clicking here.



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