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How To Find Best Niche For Blogging That Will Make Profit

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Cutting the big thing short, Your niche of the blog is what people will identify your blog with. It’s like the Topic of your whole Blog.

Hence, finding the best niche for your blogging career is important.

Take for example, the niche is technology. Then you will give information about the tech world and whoever is looking for technology related stuff can find you while searching on google.

Hence you are blogging on technology and it is your niche

While blogging is or can be fun but selecting and sticking to a topic can be tough. Many bloggers write about a topic on the first day and then jump on to another the next day. 

You write something related to laptops the first day and the next day you write about health and then about sports.

While it may be interesting for you to talk about different topics, it has its own disadvantage. You will fail to attract a targeted audience who will keep coming to your blog if it talks about a particular specific topic.

That’s why your blog needs to have a Niche from day one.

Tips to decide the best Niche for Blogging 

Think about one very important thing before deciding on a niche. Why are you blogging ? Profit and Passion right ? 

That is why you should choose a topic wisely. Don’t choose a topic/niche which gets you thousands of visitors but gets you no money.

For Example, Topics like :

  • Free wallpaper
  • Free SMS quotes
  • WhatsApp quotes
  • Free picture downloads, etc

These niches can get you thousands of visitors but without much money.

Also, you don’t want to choose a topic which can be really tough for you to write.

What is a good niche

A good niche is one which fulfills following requirements:

  • It should be related to what you like 
  • Has good traffic 
  • Has a monetary value & 
  • above all should have a future

Making a career in 3G phones when 4G is going to arrive next year is not fruitful in the long run.

Some key aspects which will help you choose your niche are:

  • Your interests.
  • Monetary value.
  • Monthly/yearly searches.
  • Trend & future of the topic

If you have already decided on a niche or writing about multiple things, you can always change your niche.

Now let’s see the things more objectively to help you decide the most important part of your blogging journey.


Think in Your Head

What are those topics which interest you? List down those topics on a paper, digital sheet or whatever you are comfortable at. Is it Music, love for smartphones, talking about financial products, etc.

This will help you clear many things to get your best niche for blogging

You don’t have to be an expert on these topics. It just has to be a topic that gets you excited when talking about it.

Just make that list ready first. This exercise should help ensure that you are passionate about the topic you picked. 


Profit or Love for Topic or Both ?

best niche for blogging

There will come something in your head like, Should I start blogging about trending topics or something which is hot in the market ?

Well  sounds good. But what if it doesn’t interest you in the long run. Because blogging is a long  journey to be covered. 

You will get very little traffic on your blog at the start of your blogging career no matter how good or informative you write. 

Things will get really frustrating if you are providing things in the blog for which you have zero interest.

Getting successful in blogging is a long process so think wisely on this.

So the CRUX is – Do not pick Topic or Niche that doesn’t interest you.


Do some research

Here comes the important part about your topic you chose is whether or not there is a profitable market for your topic. 

And this can be done with a free tool provided by Google, known as Google Trends. I will show you how to do that. 

Suppose for example, you chose Healthy Diet as your topic and you want to get started with it. 

So let’s check  if this topic has a big enough audience and see how much competition it has. 

Start the search with Google Trends

Type “Healthy Diet” to see if this topic has any interest and how many people are searching for it.

best niche for blogging

This research part is important as the graph will show you whether the interest in your topic is stable or declining.

My suggestion, don’t go with the topic which has too many ups and downs in graph or which shows an unstable graph or declining graph.

As you can see above, healthy diet is a good topic to blog about as the graph is almost stable. This means there is a good number of audience to drive traffic to your blog for the time to come. 


Choose Smaller Niche

Now before you to start with your chosen topic, let’s see first what kind of competition is there in that topic. 

Search in Google to see how many search results appear for this topic.

best niche for blogging

It’s obvious that the topic “healthy diet” seems to be a broad term to target, and there are many websites competing for it. 

So to avoid having to compete with some big authority websites you should go with a smaller niche. Less competition blog niches is best niche for blogging to start with.


less competition blog niches

Scrolling down the end of the search result you can see Google throws some good alternatives which people keep querying about.

Now having gone through all these processes you must have got a clear idea as how to go for a niche or topic of your blog.

Spending some hour before something which you’re gonna do for a long time is always good rather than dumping it later.

So choose wisely with proper homework and you will do great in your blogging career.

If you need some help starting your blog, do check my guide to start a blog from scratch. 


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