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How to Start a Blog, The Beginner’s Guide

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How to Start a Blog (and Make Money)

You decided to be independent and make something of your own from the online world. You want to be your own boss and wanted to quit from a 9 to 6 job & thus decided to start a blog.

But you don’t know how to start a blog. What are the areas which have to be covered before starting a blog?

But, you need not worry at all as I have covered each and everything in this article. I have myself used these methods for long so you are rest assured that the methods taught here are verified and trusted.

So let’s start the ride without any delay.

Start a Blog

What is a blog?

A website which is regularly updated with new contents and which is written in a conversational or informal style. The goal of the post is to attract the attention of readers and thus in the process generate some income.

Should I start a blog?

Yes, you should. If you have a knack of writing and providing useful info to users which in turn will help them. It is also one of the easiest and most accessible ways to launch your own online business and earn income just sitting in the comfort of your home.

A blog can help you inform, educate, promote and even sell, but only if you are clear about your intention from the start.

Do I need to be web developer or professional writer to start a blog?

Hell No. These are all myths in the market, that you should know basics of coding or good at writing to start a blog which will attract users.

You just have to be clear in your mind as what you want to write and that’s it. Gather some extra knowledge of your blog topic by researching and just present it in the post. The blog is done.

You can start blogging at any age or without any experience and still build a profitable online business.

Start a Blog

Here are some important steps which I will be covering for you in this post about starting a blog.

Step-1: Choose a niche for your blog

Step-2: Choose a platform on which you want to build your blog. Blogger/Wordpress

Step-3: Pick a domain name for your blog

Step-4: Get a web hosting account

Step-5: Designing your blog

Step-6: Writing content or your first blog post

Step-7: Make money blogging

#1 Choosing a Niche for your blog

Before starting your blog you must know what is your interest area. On what topic are you most interested in giving information or which topic /niche you are most comfortable in dealing.

Niche is a very important aspect of your blog. So research about your niche & the ways you can monetize your niche, the area your niche can cover.

Make a good research about your niche.

How to choose a niche for your blog ?

Your niche should be your interest area, the thing on which you are most passionate to write it and research.

Choosing a niche of your interest area and your own point of view on that will be able to differentiate your blog ideas from the competition and it will stand out among others.

#2 Which Blogging Platform to choose ?

In the beginning choosing a blogging platform for Blog is confusing task for many e beginner bloggers. There are 2 blogging platforms available which are very popular.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger

I have written a detailed article on this topic so you must check that out by clicking on this link and then come back to have a better perspective on the topic.

One can start with WordPress or Blogger depending on the choice but when comparing WordPress with Blogger, WordPress stands out as it is very customizable.

Also WordPress can give a professional look to your blog.


#3 How to choose a perfect domain name ?

To pick a domain name is a very important process as your blog will be known by the chosen domain name of your blog.

Your domain name should be easily pronounceable with an easy spelling. One which you can spell out easily.

For example choose domain name which one can write it down easily just by hearing once also your domain name should be related somewhat to your niche.

Start a Blog

Among many extensions off domain names like .com, .org, .in , what I choose is .com domain as it gives you global appeal and also most popular among the general masses

After you have completed choosing your domain name, selecting reliable hosting services for your blog will be one of the most important decision you make.

The performance and functionality of your blog will depend mostly on the hosting services you buy.

Choosing web hosting services so important that you have to you choose it wisely.

Your web hosting will provide the necessary engine that will drive your blog further. So, Choose it wisely.

Installing WordPress- Your Blogging Platform

Now Install the WordPress and choose the theme of your choice. Now here someone might freak out as how to do it myself. I assure you that you can do that in few steps as mentioned below.

Just follow the steps and your blog will be setup in no time.

After you get your domain and hosting account, you can then log in to the hosting panel provided by your hosting provider. Then scroll down the page to find Install WordPress icon.

How to start a blog


and use your first click on the “Install WordPress” icon.

After Clicking, there a page will open that will ask you to install.

Start a Blog

Click the Install button.

How to start blog

Click on Check Domain to check your domain.

Now, in the next two clicks acknowledge their terms and services.

How to start a blog

And now within no time you’ll have a fully functional WordPress blog up and running.

# Designing your blog

You can have any theme as per your choice from the Dashboard area in the Appearance section.

But by default your blog will look like this.

How to Start a Blog

This is the basic design or default look of a fresh install of a WordPress blog but you can make it as per your requirement by going in the theme section.

Your Blog is up & running and now you can post your first blog from the New Post section in the dashboard on the left side of your home panel.


Hope you liked the Post. To know whether Blogging as a Profession is Good or Bad, please visit my detailed post on the topic by visiting/clicking on this link.

It will give you detailed insight about your query.

Happy Blogging.




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