How to Convert Cryptocurrency to Rupees

How to Convert Cryptocurrency to Rupees – How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

How to Convert Cryptocurrency to Rupees

Many of us know about Cryptocurrency but lacks the information as to how to convert it to Rupees if they need the cash. Its very simple with the help of some good applications you can easily convert Cryptocurrency to Rupees.

You can use CoinDCX or CoinSwitch Kuber application to convert cryptocurrencies to Rupees. Also if your crypto is, for example Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. is in any other application then you can easily transfer to CoinDCX or CoinSwitch Kuber application.

You only need to do a KYC (Know Your Customer) check and after that you can safely transfer your money to the bank account by connecting your bank account with this application.

What are the Steps for Converting in app

  • Install CoinDCX or CoinSwitch Kuber Application
  • Complete your KYC
  • Add your bank account
  • Add your crypto to CoinDCX account
  • Sell crypto
  • Click on Account Option
  • If available then click on invest option
  • Withdraw Funds
  • Now you can easily withdraw the amount.

If you do not have an account in CoinDCX or CoinSwitch Kuber Application, then you can create an account through the link given through their website. Also you will get 100 rupees Ethereum free CoinDCX application as it is India’s famous crypto exchange.

How to invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is very much prevalent in the present time but the question related to it comes again and again in the mind of the people that How to invest in cryptocurrencies.

How to invest in Cryptocurrency

  • To invest in crypto, you have to open your wallet in a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • There are many crypto exchanges such as CoinDCX, Coin Switch Kuber etc.
  • In there your account has to be added, meaning you have to enter some necessary details of your bank account.
  • Now you will have to select the crypto coin according to your likings and click on BUY.
  • Now you have to add money and after the completion of the transaction, the crypto coins will come in your account.

How to buy Crypto

  • Open your wallet on a crypto exchange
  • Now complete the KYC
  • Add your Bank account
  • Select crypto coin
  • Click on BUY
  • Pay now
  • You will get crypto in your account

So you can see its very easy to buy crypto and invest in Cryptocurrency. Only thing you need is the correct information as how to do it. If you want to know as How to Buy Bitcoin, you can visit the Link here and get to know all the easy steps.

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