Create Sitemap in WordPress

How to create a Sitemap in WordPress: Complete Guide

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How to create a Sitemap in WordPress

In simple terms, a Sitemap is a map of your site. Sitemap helps search engines and humans to check the map of all the published content of your site. 

It is an important tool for both search engine optimization (SEO) and usability.

What is a XML Sitemap in WordPress

If you want to tell the content of your site to the search engines, you do that by the help of WordPress XML Sitemap.

A WordPress XML sitemap helps you tell the search engines about all the published content on your site.

Normally, it’s an orderly list of URLs of your published content on your blog/site. It has some other information too like the time and date of modification of the content you posted.

Below is an example of how an XML sitemap looks like.

wordpress xml sitemap 

As you can see that the XML sitemap details information for search engines.

With an XML Sitemap for your WordPress posts you can also create separate sitemaps for your videos and images.

What is the Benefits of an XML Sitemap

For the SEO of your site you must have an XML Sitemap. It increases your visibility in the web world.

In layman’s terms, an XML Sitemap tells Google and similar search engines about all the content you have in your site.

While it can’t force Google to include every content but it definitely does ensure that Google knows about the content you are posting which in turn will improve the chance of your content getting indexed on Google.

  • What additional information an XML Sitemap conveys to Google
  • How frequently you update a post on your site. This helps Google crawl frequently-updated content more often.
  • When the page was last updated

 XML sitemaps also help in communicating information about the multimedia content if any you have on the site.

Take For example, a video sitemap – It gives Google information about each video including its:

  • Category
  • Age restrictions
  • Run Time

As per Google “In most cases, your site will benefit from having a sitemap, and you’ll never be penalized for having one.”

How To Create a Sitemap in WordPress

Now as you are aware of a Sitemap and how it can help your site in the search results of major search engines including Google, let us now cover the important part as how to create a Sitemap in WordPress. 

Also we will make it sure that search engines can access it easily.

Below is a screenshot of Google’s webmaster guidelines denoting the importance of sitemap in your site.

wordpress xml sitemap


Create XML Sitemap in WordPress

All major WordPress SEO plugins include XML sitemap functionality by default. So you don’t have to worry about manually creating an XML sitemap for your WordPress site.

Like for example, following major WordPress SEO plugins include built in XML sitemap functionality for WordPress site:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Jetpack Plugin
  • SEOPress
  • The SEO Framework

Here as an example , I will show how you can easily create an XML sitemap for WordPress using Yoast.

Example: How to create a sitemap using Yoast SEO

Install Yoast SEO Plugin

Goto Your WordPress dashboard and hover down to the Add plugin.

yoast seo plugin sitemap

On Clicking Add New button a window will open , then search for Yoast SEO.

yoast seo plugin sitemap

Click on the Install button and then Activate the Yoast SEO plugin.

Once you installed the Yoast SEO Plugin then goto dashboard again and hover down to the Yoast SEO plugin as shown in the below pic.

create a sitemap Yoast

There will open up an adjacent window where you will find General, Search appearance, Social, Tools & Premium tab. Click on the General tab.

create a sitemap Yoast

It will lead you to a new window as shown below in the pic. Click on the Features tab.

create a Sitemap in WordPress

After you click, scroll down to find the xml sitemap link, click on the “?” question mark and it will show you xml sitemap link of your site.

create a Sitemap in WordPress


Click on the “See the XML sitemap” link. It will open up your sitemap window. Hence your XML Sitemap. 

create xml sitemap

As mentioned in the address bar “ ” is your address to the Sitemap which you can use to submit in Google Search Console for indexing of your Posts.

How to Publish your sitemap in Google for Indexing

Goto Google Search Console and scroll down. You will see a Sitemaps tab.  Click on the Sitemaps tab .

publish sitemap on google


Upon Clicking, the Sitemaps tab, a new window will get open. Paste there your sitemap link.

For example, if your Sitemap address is ” “. Then you should paste only the part as mentioned after the “.com/“. That in this case, only sitemap_index.xml and press the button Submit.

publish sitemap on google

Your Sitemap is submitted and your site is ready for indexing. 

Do you have any more questions on Sitemaps? Share your thoughts in the comment!

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You can also check the below video for creating and submitting the XML sitemap for WordPress. Though the video is in non-English, you will easily understand how things are done.


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