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How to Set Up Yoast SEO Plugin (Full Tutorial)

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In this post we will learn about how to configure the most popular SEO plugin, Yoast SEO.

When you look for the best SEO Plugin in the market then Yoast SEO will emerge prominent among them.

As this is a feature rich plugin in its free version also, the setting up is a little difficult.

For the reason stated above, I am hereby sharing an easy to follow guide to set up this most popular seo plugin named Yoast.

Tutorial to configure Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO can zoom your Google ranking. It is a feature packed SEO plugin. 

However, many of you will find it a little difficult to configure/set up Yoast SEO Plugin.

In this easy to follow guide I will try to take you to the set up tour in the most simplest way possible.

Incorrect configuration can seriously hamper the chances of your site getting ranked or indexed on google.

So let’s start from the point as what value the Yoast SEO Plugin offers you:

  • Verify sites in Google, Bing
  • Title meta settings.
  • Supports Facebook Open Graph.
  • Meta-control for taxonomies, author pages, homepage, etc.
  • Breadcrumbs support.
  • RSS feed footer plugin settings.
  • Generate sitemap.
  • Advance permalink control.
  • Hide RSD, WLW, shortlinks from head.
  • Import settings from other SEO plugins.
  • Hide date from search engine snippets.
  • Edit .htaccess files.
  • Add Google authorship for a single author.

These are some benefits offered by the Yoast SEO Plugin but there are many more apart from this.

Let’s start without much delay, the full set up to this amazing sep plugin.

Setting Up the Yoast SEO Plugin

Just after installing Yoast SEO plugin do this:
Goto Dashboard and scroll down on the left side to find the Yoast SEO icon.

Hover over the icon and there open a window, then click the “General” tab underneath.

It will open up a new Yoast SEO window where you will be shown three tabs, “Dashboard”,”Features”,”Webmaster Tools”. Click open the Features tab.

configure yoast seo

Now, Check and keep all the vertical tabs ON as shown in the Features section. Also you will find the XML sitemap tab. Keep that ON

Also this feature will automatically create sitemap for your site. To know more to create and submit a sitemap, you can visit the link here.

Keep the default Usage tracking tab “Off“. When all is done click “Save”.


Second step: Webmaster Tools

In the second step Click the Webmaster Tools.You can verify your site here in Google, Bing and Baidu after pasting the code.

You can get verification code by just following simple steps when you click the Get your Google Verification Code link just below the blank as shown in the photo.
configure yoast seo


Now go back to the Yoast SEO icon and hover over to the new tab “Search Appearance”. Click that open.
yoast seo tutorial


Now a new window will get open as shown below. Under the General tab  you will see the homepage section  below. Keep that as it is.

yoast seo tutorial


Then click “Content Types” tab. This one is important. 

Here you will see how your Posts will appear in the Google Search results.

In that SEO title section you can see that by default Title, Separator and Site title is shown. Remove those two,i.e., Separator and Site title.

This is done in order for some SEO gains.
yoast seo tutorial


To know more about removing site title benefits visit the link.

Now the next part. In the Media tab, keep that Redirect attachment section as “Yes” which is there by default.
How to configure yoast seo


Next,the Taxonomies section keeps the default settings as it is.
How to configure yoast seo


This section keeps the Author archives as Enabled and Show author archives as Yes.

Third tab Show archives for authors without posts in search results should be kept as No. Rest of the settings leave as it is.
yoast seo tutorial



Keeping the Breadcrumbs Enabled or Disabled is up to you. As for me I didn’t enable it and don’t find much SEO abnormalities. So I leave it to you.

How to configure yoast seo

You can read the official guide here for a better understanding of breadcrumbs.


In the latest version of Yoast SEO Plugin, they have made a major design change, which might be confusing for old users when it comes to adding meta titles & descriptions.

You will have to click on the “Edit snippet”. Once there you can enter the “SEO title” (Meta title) and “Meta description”.

editing meta in yoast

Now some common questions about the Yoast SEO Plugin

How soon the results will be visible after Yoast SEO configuration

The results of the Yoast SEO Plugin after the setup can be seen in 1-2 weeks. You should also ensure that the search engine could crawl your website after you configure the plugin.

You can do this easily by re-submitting the sitemap in Google search console.

Is Yoast SEO Plugin Free or Paid ?

Yoast SEO Plugin is free to use and its free version will handle almost all the features which you need when starting a blog. However, there is a Yoast Premium version which costs about $89 for one site.

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