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Intel enters into Cryptocurrency Technology with revolutionary Chipset

Intel enters into cryptocurrency technology

Intel has entered in Cryptocurrency technology with its specialised blockchain accelerator chipset for mining cryptocurrency. It will help those who are into mining cryptocurrency on a regular basis. Lets look in detail about it.

What is mining in Cryptocurrency

Defining mining in terms of cryptocurrency, it is a process where to get new cryptocurrency coins a person solves complex mathematical problems to get a coin of cryptocurrency. For this process high speed internet coupled with latest configured fast processor based computer is required. Mining is also related to verify transactions on the blockchain.

Till now, for mining cryptocurrency the most common circuits being used are CPUs and Graphics processing units. For this the graphics cards of Nvidia is very popular among the existing cryptominers around the world.

Cryptocurrency Technology

Problem faced while Mining Cryptocurrency

There is one problem with these chips that is, these are not specifically oriented towards mining cryptocurrency but they perform multiple tasks besides mining.

Keeping this problem in mind, electronic giant Intel has come up with a chipset which are very effective and efficient towards mining cryptocurrency and specifically made for cryptocurrency technology named as blockchain accelerator.

It is an application specific circuit which mean that at its core function will be to mine cryptocurrency like a specialist who is specialised in performing a single task efficiently and effectively.

Also this blockchain accelerator by Intel will be better than general processors. these blockchain accelerator chips are not only specialised towards mining cryptocurrency but also are very energy efficient in the field of cryptocurrency technology. As we know mining the cryptocurrency involves a lot of power and energy.

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Words by Senior Vice President of Intel

In the press statement Intel’s senior Vice President, Raja M Koduri said that “blockchain is a technology that has the potential to enable everyone to own much of the digital content and services that create”.

Adding to it, Koduri says that “some even call it an inflexion point in computing fundamentally disrupting the way we store process and transact our digital assets as we usher in the era of Metaverse and web 3.0.

These block accelerator chips from Intel will be useful for minors and blockchain technology companies. Reason behind developing this blockchain accelerator by Intel is to develop a scalable and sustainable solutions for those persons who use this blockchain technology on a daily basis or regularly.

This blockchain accelerator by Intel will be very energy efficient which in turn saves a lot of power to miners. As said by Intel , that this innovation will deliver a product with over hundred times better performance per watt in compare to mainstream GPUs for SHA-256 based mining.

More details will come about its block accelerator technology at the the International solid-state Circuit conference which will be conducted later this month. The price of Intel Bitcoin mining chip accelerator is not yet announced.

Another problem solved after Google’s Virtual Machine which saves crypto miners from Cryptojacking. To read what is Cryptojacking and what innovation Google has brought for this, go to this link and get to know about it. 

All miners are eagerly waiting for this innovative product by Intel as we know that Intel always deliver best product in the market.



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