how to fix broken links in wordpress

What is Broken Links and How to Fix broken links (404 error) in WordPress

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Broken Links (404 Error) How to Fix it in WordPress

how to fix broken links in wordpress

If you are a blogger and have a blog site, then you must have experienced many times a 404 error when you click on a link. 

It says that the clicked link is no longer there on the site. Either it is deleted or it’s not working at that very moment.

In this post I will be giving you detailed information about this broken links (404 error). You will get to know every little detail related to it, so that you can understand it well and make a good SEO rank in search engines.

Broken link in simple terms a link which is not working now. It is the link that does not work when clicked because some kind of error has occurred in it and it is called a broken link.

When you click on the broken link, you will get a message showing 404 page error on that web page or a message showing “Page not found” will appear. 

In both the cases it states that it is a broken Link. Lets get to know How to fix broken links (404 error)

Reason of Broken Link

  • The website of that link is no longer available, meaning the URL of that website has now been deleted or closed.
  • That webpage has been moved to some other place, but redirects have not been added there, due to which the note was found on clicking that link. If that link was redirected then the user would have reached that new web page, he would not have found the page not found.
  • If you have added a link to any page of your website, it may be later or you have removed that link, or if it is an external link, then that site is closed, due to this, it becomes a broken link .
  • If changes have been made in the URL of the website, even if the user clicks on the earlier link, then it will show a note found.
  • The time period of domain name registration might have been completed, due to which the site is closed and this can also be a reason, which shows a 404 error.
  • The domain name has been transferred to some other customer, can also be a reason for the Broken link or 404 error to arrive.
  • The server that was looking for that target link may have failed, or it may have been deleted.

What are the disadvantages of broken link
how to fix broken links in wordpress

  • User experience gets poor. 
  • If a visitor clicks your site and further goes and clicks on that link, and finds that the link is broken or showing an error message of a page not found then he might get irritated. 
  • After which the visitor will not go looking for any other information in your site and will then close your blog site or web site. 
  • This will make your website’s bounce rate bad. And it will further affect your site’s SEO rank.
  • When the search engine reaches your webpage to rank you on a keyword, and if they click on the broken link on that webpage, then it will show a 404 error. 
  • According to SEO, this error will give your entire site a negative impact. Your site’s rank in search engines may get poor.

Link Rot

If a website has a lot of Linux broken, it is called Link Rot. It is also called link death, link breaking. This is a link that does not reach its target, which is called a broken or dead link.

How to check the Broken links

You can install the tool of Broken Link in Webmaster. With this, you can check through the webmaster where the Broken Link has been made at which place in your site. 

You can correct this by checking from time to time. Broken link checker plugin is a necessary and good tool according to SEO, which every blogger must install for their site.

Apart from this, a lot of software and websites are available online today, which work as a broken link checker. 

With their help, you can check online where a broken link has been made in your site and you can fix it in time.

How to fix broken link in wordpress

In WordPress you can work by installing the Broken Link plugin, this plugin is very useful, which can easily remove the broken link in your site. 

This is a completely free tool, which searches the broken link from the whole website and also gives you many ways to fix it.

This free plugin checks all the URLs present in your website, one by one, and then gives you a complete list of all the broken links and redirect pages in all the URLs, so that without any hassle. 

You can see the broken link of the entire website in one place. This plugin works well even in the biggest websites.

How to use Broken Link Checker Plugin ?

how to fix broken links

To use this plugin you have to download and install it in your WordPress blog/site. 

  • After you are done installing,the plugin will start showing on to your WordPress blog/site’s dashboard.
  • Then you will see the menu on the left side. Here you will see the Tools option. Click it and then the option of broken link will show you appearing below it. 
  • If this broken link checker plugin is installed in your WordPress blog/site, then this option will come here, otherwise it will not.
  • When you click on the broken link, a list will appear there, which contains all the Linux, which is now broken. You can remove it, fix it or unlink it.
  • Here you will also see the  warnings, redirect, dismissed, source, link text, status along with the list.
  • In the status, you get to know what kind of error is coming in this link. Apart from 404 error, connection failed, server not found also comes in broken link many times.
  • The status code helps you to fix a broken link, indicating that you want to unlink the link, or update, or edit.
  • Do not unlink these broken links, but update it. Unlinking degrades user experience. And the user does not get complete information in your site, so that he can jump to another site.
  • To update a broken link, first check what is the correct reason for the link to be closed, the URL has changed, or the server has an error, or the domain has changed. 
  • If you know the reason, then you will be able to correct it correctly. Then enter the correct link of the broken link and update it.
  • To remove the broken links from the links that are in the comments, you can select them and unlink them, there is no need to update them.
  • Through the Broken Link tool, you also get to know which page has redirection on your site. You can correct them by looking at them.

Broken link 4040 error

Q: According to SEO what is a broken link?

Ans: Broken link means that the website which no longer works, has now been shut down.

Q: What is Dead URL?

Ans: Broken link is also called dead URL.

Q: What is Broken backlink?

Ans: Broken backlink is a link between two websites which is no longer working.

Q: How can I find a broken link?

Ans: You can find it manually or with the help of plugin

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