WhatsApp New Privacy Rules 2021

Must Know about these WhatsApp New Privacy Rules 2021

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WhatsApp New Privacy Rules 2021

A lot of debate is happening nowadays after the popular messaging app WhatsApp has updated its Privacy Rules 2021.

The controversy around WhatsApp’s new data sharing policy is intense. WhatsApp have said that the changes they have made in their privacy policy will be applicable only to the Business Account and will not affect the Personal App in any way.

Here WhatsApp Personal App means the regular individual user who are using it.

WhatsApp has clarified that all personal chats will always be protected with End to End encryption and can never be accessed either by Facebook or WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has clarified that the new privacy policy/rules update does not affect the privacy of your messages with family or friends in anyway. Means that you will continue getting the secured messages where no third person will be reading your messages in any way.

So in a way WhatsApp has tried to solve the confusions going into the minds of its users as what it is going to collect and what it is not.

But still a questions comes in the mind of a general user as to what exactly does it collect from you ?

I have compiled a list here with an overview of the data that will be:
Collected by WhatsApp,
Share with Facebook and
Not collected by WhatsApp from February 8 2021.

Data collected by WhatsApp

WhatsApp New Privacy Rules 2021

  • Device ID
  • User ID
  • Advertising data
  • Purchase history
  • Coarse location
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Contacts
  • Product interaction
  • Crash and performance data
  • Other diagnostic data
  • Payment info
  • Customer support
  • Other user content

Data it share with the Facebook

whatsapp new policy news

  • Phone number
  • Transaction data
  • Your interaction with others (business account)
  • Mobile device information
  • Location and IP address
  • Language and time zone
  • Battery level
  • Signal strength
  • App version
  • Browser information
  • Mobile operator or ISP
  • Identifiers

Data not collected by WhatsApp

whatsapp new policy news

  • Private messages
  • Call content
  • Shared location
  • Group information

Hope this list would have solved many confusions going into your minds. Share with your Friends and any comments are always welcome.

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